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    Six Great Fall Bags


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    Six Great Fall Bags Empty Six Great Fall Bags

    Post  luckyfish on Mon Sep 05, 2011 6:08 pm

    Fall can be a tough time to find a reasonably priced handbags. Not only do the straw and linen options of summer suddenly vanish, but they’re replaced by far more expensive materials, particularly for Fall 2011 – python, fur, crocodile. The accessories industry seems to have conspired to make us spend more money on this season’s trends.
    Fret not, though. I spent most of yesterday tracking down the past bags of the season under $600, and these aren’t little box clutches are nylon totes, because that would be a total cop-out. Nope, what we have here are leather bags big enough to be used regularly, and they’re so chic that you’ll want to do just that.
    Again and again, Coach proves itself the perfect place to start looking for an everyday bag at a relatively nonthreatening price point. The brand’s reimagined Poppy line, and the Coach Poppy Pushlock Satchel in particular, are surprisingly affordable for how chic the bags are. The best part for shoppers like me who hate obvious branding? There’s none to be found.
    The Olivia Harris line is only a few seasons old, but I’ve been impressed with its bags (and their prices) since the beginning. If you want to sport an eye-catching color but still stay neutral, a rusty shade of orange-tan like that of the Olivia Harris Toggle Clasp Satchel is perfect.
    Based on the slightly steep prices for Rachel Zoe’s ready-to-wear line (the maxi dress that I ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE is $550, ugh), I was ready to dismiss Zoe’s handbags as overhyped…until I saw them and their price points.
    As I mention often, I do love a crossbody. I love Botkier‘s in particular; I have two of them, and I wear them more than probably any other bags in my collection. The Botkier Apollo Crossbody does that legacy justice. It’s just the right size, the color is perfect for fall.
    Snakeskin is the trend of the season, so we’d be remiss if we didn’t include some of it on this list. Usually for less than $600, all that you can hope for is faux, but the Elie Tahari Lanie Snakeskin Bag offers the real thing in a neat little package. With cute pleats and a chain strap, I don’t see how you could need anything more.
    Of course, no mention of Fall 2011 trends would be complete without red, and to fill that gap, I’d like to offer the 3.1 Phillip Lim Lynus Mini Envelope Bag. If I were you, I’d remove the stiff black shoulder trap and use the flat red one with the little fur puff, or remove them both and you’ve got a perfect minimalist clutch. Not only that, but this is a bonafied runway bag for less than a grand.

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