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    VMware Interview Questions


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    VMware Interview Questions

    Post  Kumar on Wed Jan 13, 2010 9:06 am

    Hello Members,

    Following are few of the Interview questions asked for Vmware Administrators. Any contributions will be greatly appreciated.

    1> What are the major differences between ESX 3.5 and Vsphere?
    2> What is the procedure to upgrade from ESX 3.5 to Vsphere?
    3> Will HA and DRS work if Vcenter goes down?
    5> What is Vmotion?
    6> What are the prerequisites to enable Vmotion?
    7> Where do configure Vmotion-- Cluster Level, Host level....?
    6> What are port groups?
    7> How many default ports are created on installation of ESX 3.5?
    6> What is default port number for iSCSI?
    8> What are templates?
    9> What are differences between convert to template and clone to a template options, for a VM?
    10> What could be the maximum host failure in a cluster?
    11> what is the difference between Vsphere( VI Client) client and Vcenter ?
    12> What are the requirements to install Vcenter?
    13> What is minimum hardware configurations to install Vcenter?
    14> When you deploy 10 Virtual Machines from a template, and power up all the Virtual Machines simultaneously, will there be a IP conflict?
    If yes how to resolve this | What if DHCP server is disabled | Are there anything we can do to prevent an ip conflict on deploying Virtual machines?
    15> What is Service Console? Why do you need Service Console?
    16> Does service console work on Linux OS?
    17> What is VMkernel? Is Vmkernel based on Linux ?
    18> What are different interfaces available to access an ESX host?
    19> When you access an ESX Host through VCenter or VI client, does it contact service console or Vmkernel?
    20> Are the changes we make through Vcenter or VI client, on service console or VMkernel?
    21> What is difference between accessing an Host VI client and Vcenter?
    22> What do you mean be resource pools? explain
    23> What is NIC teaming, explain in brief the options it provides?
    24> What are different types of Converstions?
    25> What do you mean by consolidate backup?
    26> What are the disaster recovery options available in Vsphere or ESX 3.5?
    27> what is Thin Provisioning?
    29> What are the maximum number of extents that can added to a LUN?
    30> What is DPM, DRS, VMotion and HA ?

    For more Question dont forget to check these communities/forums :

    Thats is all for now..,

    Will be great if you can contribute too.....,
    If anyone has questions on storage related, AD,DNS, DHCP and Linux.. Please post it here.

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    UPDATE: VMware Interview Questions ( IBM Interview)

    Post  Kumar on Thu Jan 14, 2010 5:24 am

    Hello people,

    I found few more questions online,..., posting the same here, will be great if you guys can discuss on the same

    Vmware interview questions third round of technical interview in IBM

    1. Explain the physical topology of Virtual Infrastructure 3 Data Centre ?

    2. How do you configure Clusters,Hosts,Resource Pools in VI3 ?

    3. What are resource pools & whats the advantage of implementing them ?

    4. Explain why Vmware ESX Server is preferred over Virtual Server or Workstation for enterprise implementation ?

    5. In what different scenarios or methods can you manage a VI3 ?

    6. Explain the difference between access through Virtual Infrastructure Client (vi client), Web access, Service Console access(ssh) ?

    7. Explain advantages or features of Vmware Virtual Machine File System (VMFS) ?

    8. What are the types of datastores supported in ESX3.0 ?

    9. How can you configure these different types of datastores on ESX2.5 ?

    10.What is Vmware Consolidate Backup (VCB) ? Explain your work exposure in this area ?

    11.How do you configure Vmware Virtual Centre Management Server for HA & DRS ? What are the conditions to be satisfied for this setup ?

    12.Explain your work related to below terms :
    VM Provisioning:
    Alarms & Even Management:
    Task Scheduler:
    Hardware Compatibility List:

    13.What SAN or NAS boxes have you configured VMware with ? How did you do that ?

    14.What kind of applications or setups you have on you Virtual Machines ?

    15.Have you ever faced ESX server crashing and Virtual Centre Server crash? How do you know the cause of these crashes in these cases ?

    Virtually, Everything is possible Basketball

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    50 more - Vmware Interview Questions.

    Post  Kumar on Thu Jan 14, 2010 6:08 am

    1. What is Virtualization?
    2. What are the inherent benefits of virtualization?
    3. What is a Hypervisor?
    4. What is ESX Server?
    5. What is Hyper-V?
    6. What are a host, guest, and virtual machine?
    7. What products are available for Server Virtualization?
    8. What products are available for desktop virtualization?
    9. What is the difference between ESX Server and VMware Server?
    10. What is the difference between Hyper-V and Virtual Server?
    11. What is the difference between emulation, native virtualization, and paravirtualization?
    12. What are the different types of virtualization?
    13. Why do I care that VMware ESX uses the VMFS?
    14. How do I backup my virtual guest operating systems?
    15. What are VMware VMotion & Storage VMotion (SVMotion)?
    16. What is VMware HA?
    17. What is VMware VCB?
    18. What is Virtual Center?
    19. What is System Center Virtual Machine Manager?
    20. What is a partition?
    21. What are: virtual processor, virtual RAM, virtual NIC, & virtual disk?
    22. Why do I need to care about the hardware requirements of VMware ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V?
    23. What is a snapshot?
    24. What is Quick Migration?
    25. Why won’t my virtualization product boot from my OS CD to load my new guest OS?
    26. What do I need to know about licensing and Virtualization?
    27. What is a P2V conversion?
    28. What is VDI?
    29. What is SoftGrid?
    30. What are the best free virtualization options?
    31. What is VM Sprawl?
    32. How many virtual machines can you run on one host?
    33. What is ThinApp?
    34. Why is centralized storage so important for enterprise virtualization products?
    35. What are the best online resources for Virtualization knowledge?
    36. What are the best training options for learning about Virtualization?
    37. What is a VMware VCP & a VCDX?
    38. What is a virtual datastore?
    39. Why should I try virtualization on my desktop PC?
    40. What is the Open Virtual Machine Format?
    41. Can I virtualize all my servers or should some servers or applications not be virtualized?
    42. What are the drawbacks to virtualization?
    43. How do I manage my virtualized servers?
    44. How much do virtualization products cost?
    45. Will Microsoft overtake VMware as the market virtualization leader?
    46. How much money can my company save with Server consolidation using virtualization?
    47. What is the difference between a fixed and a dynamic virtual hard disk?
    48. Where can I download pre-built virtual machines?
    49. What are virtual machine additions and integration components?
    50. What are some of the VMware ESX Server add-ons that I should consider?

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    Re: VMware Interview Questions

    Post  patricholier on Wed May 18, 2011 3:06 pm


    You can find this info by using search box in the top of website with some keywords related before posting questions.

    If you want to get more materials that related to this topic, you can visit: IBM interview questions

    Best regards.

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    Re: VMware Interview Questions

    Post  ronged on Sat May 21, 2011 4:04 pm

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    Re: VMware Interview Questions

    Post  smail on Tue Jul 12, 2011 3:07 pm

    Oh, well written, top fuel you ha ha

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    Re: VMware Interview Questions

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